I was born in 1975. I got in the music which will cover all my life with a little keyboard of a friend of mine. As my curiosity combined with music I got some fun Works and basic records. To discover to find out, to practice was really fun. And after a while as I begun to open inside of those devices and repair them I realized that this thing got me, it was passion. I was on keyboard for the plays which we play when we were in primary school and I got a pss-470 keyboard thanks to my family’s support. My music was improving itself. Sound knowledge, notes, technical issues and Igot myself in improvement step by step. In organizations, while orchestra breaks I was on drum or keyboard and playing quietly. After I graduated from university I begun to make short radio jingles. It was really fun when I was making my first record. In one hand I was working programmatically and in the other one I followed any music group –even to their studios- which was known between 82-90 and played their songs. This tracking still goes on and its scope is wider now. Visiting all kinds of musical shops in Istanbul is always fun for me. I recognized a lot of musical instruments indirectly and my rhythm feel and technical knowledge made a significant improvement in a short time because I listen any kinds of music.



And I made up my mind to make a home studio. At first I established a small system, I made instrumental, dance and ethnic music records. As technology improves my desire to hear a better sound was growing. My devices were not enough any more because human ear always wish to hear the pure sound so I sold my devices one by one and bought better ones as second hands. I never had an idea of making money from this work but my knowledge and time spending and laboring as a professional musician made me think of evaluating the fun I got with music. My desire to be a DJ revealed itself when I thought that everyone in the club dances and I make the different music in my systems. I improved my mixes as music fairs, book and booklets was added. My small room didn't let me to use exactly my system on the level I wished. But determination I got inside let me make good records in that small room. All I dreamed of was to turn a room of the house to a studio when I got married. Now, I can absolutely evaluate my friends' projects in my new studio and produce new projects. In the shortest time I wish to make my own record in my own new age and dance style.

The passion of the sounds and the rhythms which I heard 24 years ago took me a voyage in ocean waves and this voyage will carry and improve me as I exist and it will meet all the music lovers by my compositions from here.

Fatih Konyar


Keep The Music İn Your Life...


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